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“A sign of intelligence is to see the one in many and find the many in one.”

It is a combination of discipline,hardwork& patience that helps in accomplishment of goals.Dedication & intelligent hardwork will produce seamless tapestry of learning. We must endure this journey of learning with patience and discipline.

The aim of our school is not just provide opportunities to students for their maximum evolution,but also to work on each and every aspect of student’s personality so that the present and future of society could be made flourishing.

I thank the Almighty for all his blessings and the management for their constant motivation and guidance which have helped us to forward the frontiers of knowledge thus making the lives of our students sublime and fullsome.

I am blessed with a team of dedicated staff.Each and every member realizes that real education can produce intellectually competent, morally strong and socially responsible citizens. 


Mrs. Savina Bahl, Principal

“Nothing is impossible for a person who is persistent & possesses an undying zeal.”

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