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Punjab Khel Mela, Block Level Athletic Competition.

 Those who dare to dive into the oceans, often finds treasures; no one ever heard.

Take a leap of faith, very soul is having a treasure inside them, you just have to dive till the very end of their misty soul.

Something really precious is waiting for you there.

State Public School, Jalandhar Cantt. profoundly participated in Punjab Khel Mela,, Block Level Athletic Competition, where participants brought laurels to the school by winning medals at different levels. In Under-14 category, Rahul and Ishmanvir kaur got 1st position in 600 m race and Rahul also got 1st position in 100 m race while Daksh bagged first position in long jump. Akshit Rana beautifully received first position in shot put as well as 3rd position in 200 m race. Varsha made the school proud by getting 2nd position in 200 m race.

In Under-17 category, Riya bagged 1st position and Yasha and Dheeraj bagged 3rd position in 800 m race whereas Ashminder got 1st position and Diksha bagged 2nd position in long jump. Yasha bagged 2nd position while Harshikha got 3rd position in shot put. Adwith received second position and Diksha got 3rd position in 200 m race whereas Babita received 2nd position in 400 m race.  

In Under-21 category, Namrata marvellously bagged 1st position, Harsh Chahal bagged second position and Rohin Roy got 3rd position in shot put. Rajni Soni bagged 2nd position in 100 m race. 

The President Sir of Group of State Public Schools, Dr. Narotam Singh, Vice President Madam, Dr. Gagandeep Kaur and Principal Mrs. Savina Bahl were overjoyed with the fantastic performance of the participants and congratulated everyone for the imbibing in them true sportsmanship spirit and making the name of the school shine in the galaxy of education and given a token of appreciation for dedication and hard put by all the three sports teachers namely Mr. Sanjay, Ms. Harjinder Kaur and Mr Inderjit Singh.

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